Tire Spikes and Tyre Deflation Devices

Ultimate Magnum Tire Spikes UMS-12 Strip Tire Deflation Device

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Tire Spikes and Tyre Deflation Device (For Active Duty Law Enforcement and Military ONLY)

Magnum Tire Spikes UMS-12 Tire Deflation Device helps Law Enforcement to contain and control over speeding Vehicles

The Ultimate Magnum Tire Spikes uses a friction-free spike release system. The spikes are secured and suspended on pins. When the vehicle tires run over the spikes, the tire spikes are pushed down shearing the pins which release the spikes into the tires causing Tyre deflation.The Traffice spikes are held tightly in grommets using a synthetic sleeve. The tight retain-release, friction-fit spikes are pulled out of the system when the tire rolls over the spike thereby deflating it.

Tire spikes or Tyre Deflation Device Specifications

Deployed Length 12 ft.
Case Type Ballistic Nylon
Dimensions in Case 19"x7.25" (rolled)
Shipping Dimensions 20"x8"x8"
Net Weight 10.25 lbs.
Shipping Weight 12 lbs.
Number of Spikes 96

The system is measured from the first spike to the last, i.e. usable length.

Best Traffic Spike for stopping and controlling overspeeding vehicles

Included is a winding reel with 45 ft.of 150 lb. test nylon cord, 50 extra spikes with safety caps, collars, a Kevlar glove for replacing spikes, a DVD, and a 5-year,100% warranty for any components, including spikes.