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Bomb Blast Containment Bin

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The ballistic bin combines beauty with safety in today's world. It is a state of the art protection element against terrorist bombs. It combines an inner compartment with a durable and protective outer-shell made of steel. This design provides security and protection to pedestrians, staff or military personnel who may be working or simply walking in the vicinity.

Having keenly understood the need for public safety, we undertook an aggressive design and testing process to ensure both its functionality and effectiveness, while many other products on the market are only tested with a mid-point center detonation. This extra testing is necessary because there is no control over where a terrorist may place a bomb.

Ideal Deployment:
  • Malls & Stadiums
  • Schools & Universities
  • Museums
  • Courthouses
  • City Streets
  • Airports
  • Train Stations
  • Bus Terminals
  • Government Facilities
  • Military Bases
  • Corporate Facilities

    Key Features:
  • Multi-layer technology
  • Tested to withstand explosions with various explosive capacity + shrapnel.
  • Initial blast containment with remaining blast expelled vertically
  • Galvanized steel construction
  • Customizable exterior
  • Laminates can be designed with logos and government seals
  • Accepts standard plastic garbage bags
  • Drainage

    Finish can be stainless steel 304 no.1 or C.S. with epoxy paint as per RAL design.