Scanna Scanmail 10K Letter-Bomb Detector - Scanna
Scanna Scanmail 10K Letter-Bomb Detector - Scanna

Scanna Scanmail 10K Letter-Bomb Detector

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Scanmail 10K Electronic Mailscreener / Bomb Detector

Explosives Detector Scanna Scanmail 10K is Reliable Threat Detectors

Scanmail 10k is a compact desk-top electronic mailscreener for security checking letters and small packages.

Screening inbound mail against postal IEDs and other personal harm devices such as razor blades that can be easily delivered through the postal system is standard practice in organisations committed to protecting their people and their property. Some organisations may also find that mailroom security measures are becoming part of their standard insurance requirements.

Scanmail 10k is the world’s most popular compact desk-top electronic mailscreener for security checking letters and small packages for the presence of harmful devices. It is mobile and can work off battery meaning you can transport it to wherever suspicious mail needs to be checked – ie to an office on a different floor, another office or to a hotel or residence where a VIP may need protection whilst travelling.

Automatic detection of suspect packages!

Scanmail will automatically find highly explosive letterbombs and bomb making components such as detonators, batteries and circuitry. It will also find other common mail delivered hazards such as razor blade letters and cutting devices whilst reliably ignoring office clutter such as paperclips and staples.

Trusted worldwide

Over 10,000 units used in government, police, high security locations and corporate mailrooms.

Scanmail 10K is used throughout the world in high security locations as well as in private residences and royal palaces. Scanmail 10K was also the machine that saved the life of one of the Unabomber’s intended victims by successfully intercepting one of his postal devices.

High Discrimination and Reliability

Unlike other cheap metal detector imitations, Scanmail is not simply a metal detector, it is an intelligent device with advanced discrimination that allows you to reliably find a small battery while discriminating against paperclips and staples. No other unit in the world can reliably do this.

Scanmail 10K can be used alone or alongside an x-ray machine as the first line of defense against postal bombs.

Training and Maintenance

No special training and no expensive regular maintenance, recalibration or radiation checks is required. To support the product we run suspect package and threat awareness training courses. Contact us for more details.

Our extended warranty support package provides you with an overnight replacement machine in the event of an equipment malfunction.

Letterbomb detector Standard System Configuration

  • Scanmail 10K mailscreener / letter bomb detector
  • Demo Kit
  • Test Card
  • Mains Lead
  • Operating Manual
  • 12 month back to base exchange warranty

Explosives Detector Scanmail 10K Technical Specifications

Power and Battery

Power Supply: 100V +/- 15% and 220V +/- 15% single phase 50/60 hz -
(state voltage when ordering)
Stand by: 12 V DC nominal.
Battery : High Duty Cycle, Sealed, Maintenance free, lead acid type.
Fused at 2.0 amp
Battery operation: 4 + hours
Recharge Time: 8 hours

Size and Weight

Dimensions: 16.5" x 17.5" x 9 " (420mm x 446mm x 228mm) (unpacked)
20.5" x 21.5" x 12.5" (520mm x 550mm x 320mm) (packed)

Weight: 20 lbs (9 kgs) net, 30lbs (13 kgs) packed.

Capacity and Throughput

Max.Parcel size: 15" x 2.5" thick x unlimited length
Screening speed: Approx 10,000 items per hour. Contents of mailsack can be scanned in approximately 3-5 minutes

Detection Targets

Test Card: The TEST CARD supplied with each unit shall be reliably detected at throughput rates both higher and lower than normally deployed in the mailscreening operation.

Non-target: Specimen non-target supplied with unit shall not be detected under normal mailscreening conditions. Use of sensitivity plus function will reduce discrimination such that non-target may cause alarm Rate of not greater than 3/10.

Safety and Emissions

Magnetic media: Scanmail emits no radiation and will not damage camera film, magnetic tape, computer disks , CDs DVDs, video tape, ID cards, Credit Cards


Temperature: 0 -30 C


  • Spare Test Card
  • Spare Demo Kit
  • Non US Plugs
  • Flying Lead

Scanmail 10K Electronic Mailscreener PDF

***Please note that Security X-Ray Inspection Systems are made to order items and cannot be purchased online ***