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Hydraulic Bolt Cutter - HRP2-BAT

Entry Tools - HRP2-BAT | Hydraulic Bolt Cutter | Entry Tools Kit

This kit incorporates multi-purpose hydraulic cutters and spreaders into one portable kit. Four hydraulic entry tools all powered by a premier battery powered pump to make this kit the perfect choice for almost any situation.

HRP2-BAT Specification:

Item Weight
Door Pusher 7 lbs
Jamb Spreader 6 lbs
Hydraulic Battery Pump 20 lbs

Door Pusher:

Tool quickly and quietly forces doors inward defeating locksets and deadbolts. Four inches of powered travel ensures your mission is successful. Tool includes rear strike plate to improve setting the tool into the door jamb. Manufactured from high strength, heat treated steel and coated in tactical black for extremely long service life. Hydraulic quick coupler included.

Jamb Spreader: RatSpreader

To spread door jambs, simply install extension rod onto top of Door Pusher. Tool now can easily spread door jambs for a very quiet entry to minimize property damage. Rotate adjustment rod in or out depending on size of doorway.

Remote cutter:

Hydraulic bolt cutter quickly and quietly cuts through padlocks and chains to get the job done. Cutter is small enough to work in tight locations yet offers same cutting capacity as our 24" full length cutters. Hydraulic quick coupler included.

Spreading wedge: RatWedge

1 Ton spreading wedge makes quick work of opening security doors and gates, reinforced windows, truck lids, etc. Design is perfect balance of compact size and high capacity. The RatWedge provides over 3” of powered travel and creates 1 ton of spreading force.

Battery Powered Pump:

Hydraulic pump: 24VDC NiMh battery, 8,000 psi pressure, CE certified. Pump remains in backpack during use to minimize set up time. All tools are quickly accessible in rugged, custom backpack.

  • Hand held remote includes integrated safety feature. No tool movement until operator pushes advance or retract button.
  • Pump includes battery level indicator allowing for mission readiness.

Tools are conveniently carried in a custom, heavy duty back pack constructed with:

  • Adjustable padded shoulder straps and adjustable padded hip belt
  • Semi-rigid backing material for strength and comfort
  • Loop handle on top to lift pack
  • Backpack material: Constructed of Mil-C-43734, Class 3 water repellent 11-ounce 1000-denier nylon.
  • Available in Black, Olive Drab, or Coyote Tan

Hydraulic Hose

  • Synthetic rubber core tube with two-wire braid reinforcement and synthetic rubber core
  • Quick disconnect coupler on tool end
  • Length: 6.5 ft.(2 M)

Battery Charger

  • Quick charger and spare battery included
  • Standard input: 110VAC (60 Hz)
  • 220–240VAC chargers with various plug configurations available

Supply Bag

Bag to carry spare battery, battery charger and operator manual