Mistral ExPen 01964-B20 - Urea and Urea salts

Mistral 1964-B20 ExPen Urea - Box of 20 Explosive Detection and Identification Kits



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Explosive Detection and Identification Kit - 1964-B20 ExPen Urea 

Tests for Urea Nitrate: confirms Urea Nitrate reaction to ExPen #3; or a direct test for Urea Nitrate

Urea and Urea salts

Chemistry (see MSDS) Water; Active Ingredient
Colorimetric Reaction Red/Orange
Reaction Time 10 seconds
Sample Collection Test paper or dropped directly onto surface #534 test paper
Sensitivity 200 ng/mm2 What the naked eye can see depends on lighting; concentration of residue per area tested
Number Tests 2-4 How used can affect total number of tests
Operational Temperature 32° - 140° Fahrenheit
Product Dimensions D 10 mm * H 115 mm
Total Weight Min. 3 g
Shelf Life 2 years 8 hours after breaking ampoule
Product Validation N/A
False-Positives N/A
Safety Considerations Disposal according to the local environmental regulations No special disposal requirements
Storage Room temperature. Store out of direct sunlight. Avoid high humidity.
Packaging Purchased in kit; or separately ExPen Master Kit