Mifram Snap Mobile Vehicle Barrier (SMVB) - Mifram Security
Mifram Snap Mobile Vehicle Barrier (SMVB) - Mifram Security
Mifram Snap Mobile Vehicle Barrier (SMVB) - Mifram Security
Mifram Snap Mobile Vehicle Barrier (SMVB) - Mifram Security
Mifram Snap Mobile Vehicle Barrier (SMVB) - Mifram Security
Mifram Snap Mobile Vehicle Barrier (SMVB) - Mifram Security
Mifram Snap Mobile Vehicle Barrier (SMVB) - Mifram Security
Mifram Snap Mobile Vehicle Barrier (SMVB) - Mifram Security

Mifram Snap Mobile Vehicle Barrier (SMVB)

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Snap Mobile Vehicle Barrier - SMVB

Mifram is proud to present its SMVB (Snap Mobile Vehicle Barrier) – a unique, concealed vehicle barrier.

The mobile, concealed barrier obstructs a large range of vehicles travelling at varying speeds.

Whether it’s drug runners, weapons smuggling, traders in human beings, stopping a suspicious or threatening vehicle – stopping vehicles in the field is a complex task. Experienced terrorists and smugglers know the lay of the land and, well in advance, will be able to identify visible barriers and easily go around it.

The SMVB is similar to Mifram’s MVB incorporating that system’s characteristics and advantages. However, the SMVB system can be concealed and camouflaged in almost any terrain thus making it very difficult to be identified and avoided. When a vehicle approaches an ambush point, the SMVB is sprung using either an electrical or mechanical remote control (dependent on the model).

Once vehicle has been impeded by or caught on the concealed barrier it is easier and safer to overcome and arrest the surprised smugglers or terrorists.

The barrier snaps open in just 1.5 seconds to block the threatening vehicle. Despite the force of impact, the barrier’s is designed to transfer the vehicles forward momentum into the ground with the barrier’s horizontal element acting as “teeth” biting into the bottom of the vehicle to lift and immobilize its front wheels. The vehicle is in many cases “trapped” on the barrier hindering or preventing forward or backward movement. – all this with minimum damage to the vehicle or harm to its occupants. This makes it significantly easier to overpower its occupants.

The vehicle is trapped on the concealed barrier obstructing backwards or forward movement. The concealed barrier converts the vehicle’s horizontal momentum to vertical momentum which is transferred directly into the ground hindering or stopping the vehicle.

In the never ending a-symmetric struggle between law enforcement agencies and criminals and terrorists, the SMVB is a new and innovative product developed by Mifram that surprises the “bad guys” aiding stopping them in their tracks so that they can be overcome quickly and efficiently.

Balancing Effectivity with Minimum Harm to People The barrier is designed to stop vehicles with minimum damage to the vehicle. The barrier is non-lethal when the occupants are wearing seat belts and the vehicle reaches the barrier at speeds of up to 60 Km/h (an acceptable speed when travelling off-road).

The barrier is designed to surprise and aid the stopping of smuggler and terrorist vehicles even on side roads when the criminals / enemy are less likely to suspect an ambush.

After the barrier has been hidden, it is almost invisible even to smugglers who know the terrain well and who are sensitive to changes that indicate an ambush and they will find it almost impossible to see the trap when travelling. The Snap Mobile Vehicle can be camouflaged so that it blends in with most terrains.

Snap Mobile Vehicle Barrier Features:

  • The barrier is set and almost totally undetectable.
  • The concealed barrier is “sprung”
  • The SMVB is suitable for almost all types of terrain.
  • Setup is straightforward.
  • Blocking a motorcycle
  • Blocking an ATV
  • Blocking a tractor

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