Mifram Infrastructure Protection
Mifram Infrastructure Protection
Infrastructure Protection
Infrastructure Protection Protecting cables
Mifram Infrastructure Protection

Mifram Infrastructure Protection

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Mifram Infrastructure Protection

Protecting permanent and mobile antenna, infrastructures and cables.

Infrastructure Protection

  • Partition in cable duct with crossed barrier
  • Modular cable duct including center partition
  • Fire, shrapnel and blast proof duct system for cables including splitters and access panels
  • Protecting cables
  • Fire, shrapnel and blast proof cable channels
  • Designing and monitoring antenna including protection for vertical and horizontal cables

Infrastructure Protection Advantages

The solutions are modular and allow for flexible installation in order to achieve maximum effectiveness whilst only protecting critical nodes and providing all round protection as required by specific operational demands.

Protective solutions for cables and infrastructures against different threats.

These solutions provide protection for ground and vertical cables as well as communication towers and pylons that are crucial for the provision of continuous communications.

The solution for a wide range of threats

Provides protection from gun-fire shrapnel and direct hits as well as fires.