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Mifram Security Fortified Windows - Building Fortification

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Mifram Security Fortified Windows - Building Fortification

Blast Resistant Windows against ballistic and explosive threat

Bullet proof and burglar proof windows in a variety of styles: permanent, energy absorbing, sliding, hopper windows.

Regular or automatic opening, including internal coating to prevent fragmentation and slivers.

Installed in factories, strategic facilities, population concentrations, banks and other institutions. The windows are bullet, blast and shrapnel proof. Cat. No. BMFR-145 

Blast Resistant Windows

  • Bullet proof windows in the Prime Minister’s Office
  • Bullet proof windows in employees dining room and showers at the OSEM factory is Sderot
  • Bullet proof window after a direct hit. The window saved the lives of soldiers of a UN International Peace Keeping force
  • Bullet proof windows externally installed in an old UN post