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Nylon Limb Holders | Humane Restraint Nylon Limb Holders

Humane Restraint Nylon Limb Holders


Humane Restraint

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Humane Restraint Nylon Limb Holders

Nylon Limb Holders

Polypropylene limb holders are easy to clean, lightweight, and color coded. Neoprene on the cuff adds comfort while the anchoring strap secures to a bed, chair, or gurney. The initial quick hook & loop closure keeps the cuff closed while the chosen secondary closure (hook & loop for quick and easy closure or L-400 lock for security) offers additional security. Color coded for quick visual identification, wristlets are blue and anklets are green. Remember, "Raise your hands to the blue sky and walk on the green grass." May be used with polypropylene torso restraint NBT-104 (Hook and Loop) or NBLT-401 (L-400 Lock Buckle) for 5th or 6th points.