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Airboss Defense C4 CBRN Gas Mask

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The AirBoss C4 CBRN Gas Mask is a trusted and essential kit component of military and first response forces worldwide. Made with durable molded materials and ballistic polycarbonate lenses, it provides excellent protection with minimal burden. Light and comfortable, the AirBoss C4 is the ultimate in user comfort and operationability.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Comfortable with an easy-to-adjust fabric head harness
  • High-performance facial seal
  • Easy donning (within 9 seconds)
  • Fast decontamination
  • Left or right canister mount (40-mm NATO thread)
  • Shatterproof, replaceable, polycarbonate lenses
  • Front and side speech transmitters
  • Convenient high-flow drinking system



  • Sizes: 4
  • Color: Black
  • Weight (without filter):44g (1 lb) per unit (size M)
  • Packaging: Vacuumed foil bag (3000 cm3)
  • Operational Range: -450C to 700C (-490F to 1580F)
  • Storage: -550C to 600C (-670F to 1400F)
  • Shelf Life: 15 years in original package if properly stored
  • CE certified (#C11-31155-1)
  • NATO's Lightest Protective Mask


**Please note that the gas mask filter included at additional cost**