Autoclear 6040 X-Ray Scanner - Autoclear
Autoclear 6040 X-Ray Scanner - Autoclear
Autoclear 6040 X-Ray Scanner - Autoclear

Autoclear 6040 X-Ray Scanner

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The single-source, multi-energy 6040 X-ray inspection system is designed to screen small- to mid-sized items for weapons, explosives, drugs and other contraband. The right size for scanning strollers, briefcases, backpacks, purses and other hand-carried items, this powerful scanner is small enough to fit in elevators, narrow halls and tight spaces. The user-friendly 6040 delivers best - in - class speed and detection capability and makes the most of available space.

> Rapidly images full mailbags and long or tall items
> Fits in elevators, narrow halls and tight spaces
> Patented guided conveyor belt never needs adjusting

Artificial Intelligence- ‘AI-Threat Asist’ intelligence generated by algorithmic analysis of threat detection
utilizing ‘machine learning’. Autoclear’s ‘AI-Threat Asist’ significantly increases the accuracy of
identification and detection of threats in scanned parcels. A profoundly more secure and effective
method of detecting knives, guns, bombs etc. The difference between an AI X-ray scanner and a non-AI
scanner is inescapable. No longer, are just the eyes of the scanner operator determinant if a ‘threat’ has been
detected. Truly, Autoclear provides new ‘game changing’ technology to ensure scientifically accurate threat
detection. Please see screen shot below. Automatically a bright box or other structure is placed around the
threat and may be accompanied by an audio/text alert. The ‘AI-Threat Asist’ feature helps ensure that stressed

operators in a demanding environment have a new and powerful technological advantage with Autoclear ‘AI-
Threat Assist’. A ‘second set of eyes’ and more powerful are there to increase safety!


Tunnel Size: 62.0 x 42.1 cm 24.4 x 16.5 in. (W x H)
Dimensions: 156.1 x 82.6 x 127.3 cm 61.5 x 32.5 x 50.1 in. (L x W x H)


19" color LCD monitor, 1280 x 1024 video card

Weight: 353 kg (778 lbs.) uncrated
413 kg (910 lbs.) crated


New DVS Frame heavy gauge epoxy painted steel construction with
stainless steel and aluminum trim and accessories; non-marking casters
Temperature: Operating: -15° to 55°C (5° to 131°F)
Storage: -20° to 60°C (-4° to 140°F)
Humidity: 20% to 95%, non-condensing
Power Consumption: < 0.8 kVA; < 8 amps 100, 120 volts AC ±10%; < 4 amps 200, 220, 230, 240, 250 volts AC ±10%, all at 50 or 60 Hz


X-ray Tube Head: Self-contained with sealed oil bath cooling
High Voltage Rating: 160 kV, operating at 140 kV
Duty Cycle: 100%
Beam Orientation Diagonal (80° beam divergence)
Dose per Exam: 0.1 mR (1 μSv)


Material Penetration: 28–29 mm (1.10–1.14 in.) steel
Contrast Sensitivity: Over 2 million color tones standard
Resolution: 38–40 AWG wire
Processing: 32-bit adaptive image processing with
minimum 1 Gbytes+ memory; 2.2GHz+
dual core processor; video processing using next generation graphical processing unit architecture with 550MHz+ GPU clock, 512Mbyte+ video memory and

• autoSoft operating system
• Full-size operator control panel (OCP) with touchpad navigation
• autoTracking guided conveyor belt system
• Reversible conveyor direction
• High/low density stripping
• Organic/inorganic stripping
• Color; reverse B/W imaging
• Interactive help screens
• 128x Smart Zoom
• Adjustable zoom preview window


• Loading or exit rollerbeds
• Conveyor extensions
• Tunnel extensions
• Tropical humidity kit
• DVD drive
• autoMatAlert2
• autoZ display1
• Image archiving2
• Threat image projection (TIP)1
• Built-in training1
• Level 1 networking
• Level 2 and 3 networking1
• User management2
• STI Viewer software for archived image analysis
• Locking metal OCP cover D-SCAN
• Dark and light enhance
• RealClear
• autoDensAlert
• autoOutline
• autoSensing
• autoScale
• autoCal
• autoImage recall (10 images)
• Save screen to USB

• Variable height OCP mount
• Dual and larger monitors
• Locking monitor garage
• Laser printer
• Console desk
• kV, mA meter
• Uninterruptible power supply
• Optical X-ray on/off sensor
• Footpad
• CE/CSA/ETL compliance2
• Item counter1
• Lighted E-Stops2

32+ stream processing cores
Conveyor Speed: 24 cm (9.4 in.) per second 14.6 m (48 ft.) per minute
Pulling Weight: 160 kg (352 lbs.) with higher weights available

Film Safety: Guaranteed for high-speed film up to ISO 1600 (33 DIN)


High-speed, ultra-sensitive photodiode detector array; L-shaped for
100% object screening

1 Not an option with TSA air cargo screening configuration
2 Standard with TSA air cargo screening configuration only X-RAY INSPECTION

NOTE: Non-marking casters. Dimensions are in centimeters.