steel armor plate
steel armor plate
steel armor plate
steel armor plate

Buffalo Armory Level III+ Steel Armor Plate


Buffalo Armory

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Buffalo Armory  Level III+  Steel Armor Plate

Steel Plate Armor | Level III+ Steel Plates

Additional specs:

Multi-hit capability, the ability to absorb projectile energy with minimum back face deformation and plates that protect against both armor piercing bullets and blast fragment threats.  In addition, the unique micro-structure and properties of our production process allow for plates that are fine grain, high tensile strength, and increased elongation.  


10 x 12 = 6.3 pounds

8 x 10 = 4.5 pounds


• Level III Plus Protection

• 5.56mm x 45mm M193 stops up to 3,000 FPS

• 5.56mm x 45mm M855 / SS109 steel penetrator (Green Tip)

• 7.62mm x 39mm 123 gr steel core

• 7.62mm x 51mm M80 NATO (.308)

• All types of handguns

Made in the USA :  NIJ certified (10 year warranty)