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Action Targets PT Turn Swing

With the PT Turn Swing you will enjoy the benefits of training on turning targets, even on the most remote and undeveloped ranges. Because the target is driven by two simple pull cables, no additional power of any kind is required.

In addition to the turning action, you can also use the PT Turn Swing as a lateral swinging target. Just pull on the second control cable instead. No adjustment or reconfiguration is required to switch between turning and swinging, and both actions are spring loaded to return automatically to their original position.

For more challenging scenarios or to accommodate more shooters, up to six units can be linked together to function simultaneously from a single control point.


How many PT Turn Swing targets can I link together?You can link up to six PT Turn Swing targets together to function simultaneously from a single control point.

What size target can I mount to the PT Turn Swing?Virtually any size cardboard or paper target can be attached to the 1" x 2" wood strips used with the PT Turn Swing.

Does the PT Turn Swing function on a concrete base?The target can be placed on concrete, but there is a greater chance that it will slide when the ropes are pulled. The stake for the rope pivot must be driven into the ground and will not function on concrete. For best results, place the target on a rough surface where the target won't slip and the stake can be firmly anchored.

Are the ropes and cables provided?Yes. Each PT Turn Swing comes with two 30' control ropes and two 5' steel cables to link multiple PT Turn Swing targets together into a simultaneous chain.