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Action Targets PT Dropper

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Action Targets PT Dropper

Give your paper and cardboard targets the drop. Add realistic reactivity to a paper target training program with the PT Dropper. The PT Dropper uses an armor steel hit zone that reacts by dropping your paper target out of sight when shot. A variety of drills are possible by adjusting the position of the paper target in relation to the steel plate.

The PT Dropper is a perfect tool to condition shooters to engage the threat until it is neutralized. The hit zone plate is made of through hardened AR500 armor steel and has a completely flat shooting surface for predictable bullet splatter*. Paper and cardboard targets mount to the PT Dropper by taping, clamping, or stapling targets to 1x2 wood strips held in place by clamps.


  • Weight: 40 lbs
  • Height: 5'
  • Head plate: 8"
  • Steel grade: 3/8" AR500 armor steel
  • Handgun shooting distance: 10 yards