Action Targets 3D Target (15 Pack) - Action Targets
Action Targets 3D Target (15 Pack) - Action Targets

Action Targets 3D Target (15 Pack)

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Action Targets 3D Target (15 Pack)

Add more realism to your training scenarios with a durable cardboard target built to look and react like a real active threat.

Criminals on the street are not flat sheets of paper or cardboard taped to a wall. They are three-dimensional threats that run, dodge, and do not always go down when you think they will. The 3D Target helps to bring some of that realism to training scenarios without all the expense and complexity of most reactive target systems. The 3D Target comes as a flat sheet of cardboard that easily folds into a three-dimensional torso shape complete with ears and attachable cardboard arms (including arms holding knives and guns for added realism). Once assembled, the target can even be dressed with a T-shirt and hat to create a virtual threat that looks and feels like the real thing.

The 3D Target is made reactive through the use of balloons which can be blown up in the head, chest, or lower abdomen cavities. When inflated, the balloons put pressure on the rebar pole of the 3D Target Stand and hold up the target by pressing against the ceilings of each of the three cavities. As soon as the balloons are popped, the target no longer has anything to hold it up and falls to the ground. The key is to aim for the areas that are most likely to drop the target, because, just like a real threat, just hitting the target anywhere isn't guaranteed to bring it down. Drills using 3D Targets help trainees realize their weapons' limitations and reinforce accuracy and follow-through. Only one balloon is needed to hold up the target, so any or all of the cavities can be used to vary training scenarios and increase the level of difficulty. What effectively dropped one target may not be enough to drop another target.

This package of 3D targets is to be used with the 3D Target Stand.

This package includes:

  • (15) 3D cardboard targets
  • (75) latex balloons
  • Tactical Arms
  • Zip Ties
  • Roll of String


What kind of balloons can I use with the 3D target?A package of 75 balloons comes with the 3D target, but any 11” latex balloon can be used with the target. If you do buy your own balloons, it is recommended you get a lighter color to prevent excessive latex expansion due to heat absorption from sun exposure.

What are the string and the zip ties for?The string and zip ties are included for other applications. For example, the string can be used to suspend the target if you don’t have a 3D Stand, and the zip ties can be used to secure the target to the 3D Stand if you don’t want the target to fall upon being shot.

Does the 3D Target come with a stand?The 3D Target is compatible with the 3D Target Stand which is sold separately from the targets themselves.

How many 3D Stands should I have for efficient training?To prevent excessive down time, it’s best to have three or four stands on hand. That way targets that have already been prepared can be easily swapped in saving you valuable training time.

How many rounds can a 3D Target take?The 3D Target can take several hundred rounds before it needs reinforcement. One way to extend the life of your target is to wrap it with duct tape after the structure of the target begins to be compromised. Doing this can increase the use of the 3D Target for an additional several hundred rounds.

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