'Tis the Season to be Safe!

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'Tis the Season to be Safe!

The long-awaited holiday season is here. And I feel like a kid at Christmas. Family, friends, parties and all the holiday trappings make this a fun time. However, statistics tell us that this is also a time for nefarious activity. With just a little foresight, we can ensure we enjoy the season while diminishing the chances of falling victim to crime.  Let’s take a closer look.

Of course, home security is always a concern. With the sharp uptick in online shopping, we are now learning that there is a corresponding uptick in porch piracy. Roughly thirty percent of Americans have experienced a porch theft of a delivered package.  A good camera can help with this problem as can a good motion light. The doorbell cameras are excellent for several reasons, chief among them is that crooks recognize their presence and will likely choose a location without such measures.  A system, such as this one

front door security camera

is nice because it does not need to be hardwired, and can go up to a year on one battery.

There are drawbacks to the doorbell system. Crooks are aware of them and may seek to defeat them with something placed on top of the camera. We have even seen cases where thieves have taken the camera itself. A good covert camera can help in such a case. I trend towards cameras that are well disguised and blend nicely into the home environment. These two are very nicely concealed and both provide Wi-Fi surveillance.

front door security camera


front door security camera

Along with the holidays come parties, eggnog and other adult beverages. As such, we want to be sure we don’t drink and drive. There are plenty of alternative rides, including ride share apps. However, getting into a stranger’s car can always be anxiety inducing. It’s nice to have some self defense options when out and about. Pepper spray is one of my favorites, non-lethal, force options. I’ve used it frequently and I have been sprayed several times and can attest to its ability to distract an attacker. Here are several good options for individual pepper spray products.


If one is looking for a stronger recommendation, I like the key chain canisters as they usually fit a pocket and travel with me, rather than larger ones that stay home.

pepper spray

If you expect to be in a larger crowd and want something bigger, with a more direct stream of spray, this product is a viable option.

pepper spray

In all these options, these products are relatively affordable and in terms of force options, represent a great value.

This time of year also brings us shorter days. More night and more darkness means a flashlight should be part of your out and about kit. A good flashlight can help when going to your car after shopping and ensuring no one lurks in the shadows. Surefire has long been an industry leader in illumination tools. The one featured here is an excellent choice. It is compact, can be clipped to a pocket or purse edge for quick access, and provides fantastic light. It is strong enough to temporarily blind an attacker, allowing you to run.


A well-built flashlight like this one can also make a great improvised striking tool, again facilitating an escape.

As I look this over, I am struck by the notion that not only are some good products suggested for individual security, but they also make great gifts for those you want to help keep safe.

Please use good judgment this holiday season. Stay safe and enjoy this special time with your loved ones.

Here at Security Pro USA we wish you all the best this holiday season.


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Mike Lazarus
Military and Law Enforcement Veteran
FBI certified firearm instructor
MP5 and Sub Machine gun instructor
Defensive tactics instructor


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