Perimeter Defense to Secure Your Property

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Perimeter Defense to Secure Your Property

Is your family safe? Do you have safety measures for your company? Have you been taking measures to improve your security solutions? A key part of protecting your family, your assets or your life is your perimeter defense. You need a strong system to prevent harm to those under your protection. By taking measures to defend against potential threats, you will have a plan of action to handle any situation.

What is the Goal of Perimeter Defense?

The goal of perimeter defense is protection. It is a measure to detect potential threats and deny entry to a property or space. It also strives to discourage threats from entering the property or area.

You want a system that detects a risk and helps you identify when an individual, group or vehicle is dangerous. You then want to make sure that you have measures to prevent the person or group from entering your property. If it is not possible to prevent a threat from entering your property, then you want to take measures to delay the threat from reaching your loved ones and your assets. In the case of a business property, you want to protect your employees and company assets. 

Enhancing Your Security

Security solutions focused on the defense of your outdoor space help you protect the area. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, roughly 8.8 percent of American households are victims of property crimes and burglary at some point in their lives. The goal of a strong defense system is safety, so you want to work with the right tools.

An option to slow down potential threats is a vehicle barrier. For example, the Mifram Modular Vehicle Barrier is a non-lethal way to stop a vehicle from entering a space. You can set up the MVB on a variety of roads and surfaces. It reduces the risk of cars, trucks or other vehicles passing through your perimeter without proper identification or security measures.

You can also set up a seismic detection system along your perimeter. That will catch activity from potential threats before they reach your property. According to FEMA, perimeter defenses should have a clear space of 8 feet or more so that anyone approved by security is able to move easily. 

A perimeter security system helps you detect and identify a potential threat. It runs along the entire perimeter rather than specific points along your perimeter. As a result, you will know when to prepare for a threat. 

Preparing for the Worst-Case Situation

The final step of a strong defense system is preparing for the possibility of a worst-case situation. The worst-case situation is a breach in your security and the need to take active steps to defend against a threat. California Tactical Academy provides group and private classes to learn defense skills and the proper use of a weapon. By learning to use a weapon and to maintain your weapon, you will feel confident in your ability to handle an unexpected emergency.

A perimeter defense focuses on creating a safe environment in a building or in a specific space. It does not mean you can ignore the value of a strong defense in the worst-case scenario. Prepare for any eventuality and set up a system that works with your goals.

Defending your property, a specific location or your loved ones starts with setting up the right system. A perimeter defense gives you the opportunity to limit dangerous situations by detecting and identifying a threat before it causes harm. Work with Security Pro USA today to set up the right defense for your space.


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