Now is the time to take safety seriously

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Now is the time to take safety seriously

Following the death of George Floyd, cities across the country have erupted in violent rioting. People are getting hurt, and it is certainly dangerous. Security and protection for yourself and your loved ones is as vital as ever. 

If you find yourself in hostile situations, you want to be prepared. Our current state is a reminder of that, and no matter where you are, please stay safe. 

Here are a few safety recommendations to keep in mind during this time:

  • If you are not participating in a peaceful protest, do not go out into the street. 
  • The temptation to see what’s going on outside, is not worth risking your safety. Stay away from the windows and keep curtains or blinds closed to prevent broken glass from entering.
  • Lock all external doors and windows that lead to the roadside. Whether it’s your home or business. The same goes for exterior gates.
  • If you have security alarms installed, turn on the Armed-Stay mode.

It is never too late to be prepared. In this time of uncertainty and distress, we have been continuing to provide personal protection equipment to those on the front lines as we have been doing since 1986. 

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