How to react to an active shooter attack

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How to react to an active shooter attack

Active shooter phenomena seems to be an ongoing issue nowadays.

In the unlikely event that you are tangled in a terror attack, you need to follow the rules of survival.

Most active shooter attacks happen in crowded areas.

What can you do?

  • Do not panic
  • Observe the location, tunnel vision is common under duress
  • Whenever you are in an unfamiliar area (airplanes, sports arenas, concert halls etc) make sure you have an image of the exits and entrances in mind
  • Avoid the crowd flows, find alternate routes
  • Take cover/shelter behind solid surfaces that may help dodge the bullets
  • Be aware, listen to noise direction, help from rescue teams and gun shots which will give you clues where to head for an escape
  • Few people that survived active shooter events played dead by hiding under victims
  • If there is only one active shooter you may need to observe as carefully as you can when he’s changing magazines at which time you can try to escape

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