How to Build your own Body Armor

How to Build your own Body Armor

Step One: Pick an Armor Carrier:


Your armor vest carrier houses all the ballistic plates securely and tactically. We have every style, color, and price range for you to pick from. Nothing to big or small, we strive to be the #1 Body armor supplier in the USA. 

Step TWO Pick your armor:


Now that you have your carrier, you need to make it bulletproof with armour plates. Hard Armor is thicker, heavier, and stops rifle rounds; whereas Soft armor can stop small arms or knives. Whatever your needs we have you covered. 


Step THREE Pick your accessories

If your trying to be tactical we have all the tactical accessories to be the best. Find items that will perfectly fit on your armor or Upgrade your vest with new  parts and addons.



Or just pick from one of our many Kits:

with everything you need already in one price.


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