How Covid-19 Has Changed How We Communicate

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How Covid-19 Has Changed How We Communicate

Eldersburg, MD – June 19, 2020 – Coronavirus has changed the way we are all communicating. During these changing times, businesses are struggling to follow the strict guidelines that vary by state regarding social distancing. Before we get back to a new normal, we must figure out how to communicate in business without disrupting operations, while at the same time ensuring our employees, customers, and partners remain safe.   First Source Wireless has partnered with 3M by adding additional resources to provide businesses with new ways to keep communicating while remaining at a safe distance.

“We understand it is important to stay healthy during these times and recognize the need to improve communicating from a distance”.  Says Nick Hohman, Vice President of First Source Wireless. “Communication in businesses and between team members has changed drastically, meaning we need to find new solutions to protect not only us but everyone around us.”

Essential businesses are still operating which means oil refineries, manufacturing plants, and distribution centers are still working tirelessly within our communities. Communication is changing right in front of our eyes. Maintaining constant communication, like how we have before, is important during these challenging times because:

  • Distribution facilities and production facilities are still open and need to be able to operate business as usual.
  • The lower number of workers making communication harder between teams
  • Laws require at a safe distance which means the way we have communicated before is changing.

First Source Wireless provides 3M Peltor hearing protection headsets that let you communicate with others while still keeping at a safe distance.

“People rely on communication to effectively do their job. That’s why we have increased our inventory to still provide optimal Peltor headsets to our communities that depend on them in their business.” Says Taylor Thomas, Marketing Specialist from First Source Wireless. “We want to provide options to business professionals that allow them to be extremely productive will remaining safe by maintaining the social distancing protocols that have been put in place around the world.

First Source Wireless has added new 3M Peltor headsets to their inventory to improve communication for industries that converse closely to allow them to talk from a distance.  In addition to allowing workers to communicate from a distance, the Peltor series headsets and accessories provide noise cancelation capabilities that prevent hearing damage to users.  All of the litecom headsets have a built-in two-way radio and can connect to smartphones via Bluetooth. The Peltor LiteCom are used by distribution and manufacturing plants to converse with workers in any part of the facility. These headsets are wireless and have a range of up to 1.25 miles line of sight.  Some of the Litecom headsets feature environment listening microphones that can amplify low-level noises providing full situational awareness to users.

They also have capabilities to protect the users from hearing if exposed to loud noise during the workday. These headsets allow you to transmit and receive critical information fast, and effortless with the use of VOX technology better known as voice operated switching.

First Source Wireless is staying open during these times and shipping orders as normal to give our business professionals the equipment they need to stay safe during these challenging times.  The Peltor Litecom wireless communications headsets are available in a variety of models that provide various features, functionality, and pricing.  First Source Wireless also offers 3M Peltor accessories like electronic earplugs and replacement items that give our public safety professionals more options to choose from when it comes to how they communicate.

First Source Wireless provides optimal wireless solutions to public safety professionals and commercial customers who depend on reliable communication every day. They are partnered with 3M Peltor, Pulse Larsen, Harris, and BK Technologies. Since 2003, they have been a trusted leader of wireless communication products. Waveband Communications, a partnering company of First Source Wireless selling two-way radio accessories, is also remaining open during these times.

For more information on this press release or additional comments please contact Taylor Thomas at or 800-991-4569.


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