Mifram Scarlet Bulletproof Protective Shield
Bulletproof Shield protection for meeting rooms
Bulletproof Protective Shield in Hotel
Scarlet Bulletproof Protective Shield Firing Test
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Bulletproof Protective Shield VIP protection

Mifram Scarlet Bulletproof Protective Shield

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Mifram Scarlet Bulletproof Protective Shield 

VIP Protection Bulletproof Shield

Protective, concealment screen. Transportable, modular and can be dismantled. To protect VIP’s and the area.

Movable, flexible bulletproof screen – provides personal protection for VIPS from weapons fire.

Bulletproof Protective Shield ideal for multiple uses

  • Protecting VIPS when entering or leaving a vehicle and/or building.
  • Fast protection for windows and meeting rooms.
  • Personal protection at airports.
  • Personal protection at hotels.
  • Transforms any van into an armored vehicle.
  • Ideal for changing unexpected situations that require the relocation of the protective screen.
  • Creating a “sterile route” that can be quickly assembled and disassembled.

Scarlet Bulletproof Protective Shield Advantages

  • Quickly erected and dismantled in just a few minutes
  • Lightweight.
  • Portable, easily movable and transportable by hand in a case
  • Modular and multi-purpose

Scarlet Bulletproof Protective Shield Features

  • Protection in a standard hotel room
  • Fast protection for meeting rooms
  • VIP protection when entering and leaving buildings and vehicles
  • Required equipment for bodyguards and protection units across the world
  • VIP protection when entering and leaving hotels and buildings
  • Fast assembly and disassembly - just two components
  • Ideal for changing and unexpected conditions
  • Firing test - in the search for constant improvements

Bulletproof Scarlet Dimensions

width o.8 m.
height 2 m.
weight 18 kg.

Optional extras

  • Can be upgraded to provide additional protection as required by the client.