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Mifram Security Guard Towers

Ramgan Guard Tower - Guard Observation Towers

A series of guard and observation towers, fortified according to expected threat levels. These sangars are ergonomics combined with security, safety, ease of operation and comfort in the tower. Built from detachable, galvanized elements and a steel base.

Hundreds of observation towers (sangars) sold in the US Army, IDF, many
peace force and international forces.

Most of the towers (elevated sangars) do not require foundations and placed on the prepared site only.

Modular Guard Towers

  • Ramgan Guard Tower in a military base
  • Fully armored Ramgan in American military base
  • Used by international energy companies
  • Ramgan units across the globe
  • Fortified, insulated and air conditioned environment
  • Available in heights of up to 12 m.
  • Cat. No. BMFR-045

Security Guard Towers Easy erection

For a tower of up to 6 meters, the base provides the tower with all the needed stability. All the tower’s base needs is a compacted, level gravel area or any other level infrastructure.

Guard Observation Towers Optional upgrades:

  • Thermal insulation for the walls. (The roof is insulated as standard)
  • Standard electrical system including a safe DC/AC inverter
  • Split air conditioner
  • Fortified, anti-sun windows
  • Searchlight – standard or improved with a range of up to 600 meters
  • Shelf for communications equipment or other requirements

Many Ramgan units have been sold to the following bodies

  • United States Army
  • IDF
  • Israel Police
  • Energy companies
  • UN Forces
  • The multi-national force in Sinai
  • Israeli infrastructure companies
  • Many bodies in Israel and the world

Security Guard Tower Specification Table:

Length 2 m.
Width 2 m.
Height 2/4/6/8/10/12 m.