Mifram Milennium Guard Tower
Mifram Guard Observation posts
Ballistic Resistance Guard Tower
Mifram Guard Tower Milennium
Mifram Milennium Guard Tower

Mifram Milennium Guard Tower

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Mifram Security Guard Towers and Observation posts

Milennium Guard Tower - Guard Observation Towers

A bullet and explosive proof combat post designed for a range of uses: guard tower, check point, observation post, sangar, elevated sangar and more.

Bulletproof Guard Tower

  • Combat Post at the gates of American bases
  • Can be placed at different heights
  • Fast erection with a crane
  • Easily moveable with a truck
  • Used by the US Army
  • Ground based Millennium without foundations
  • Cat. No. BMFR-019

Ballistic Resistance Guard Tower Advantages

  • A 360°, fortified fighting platform
  • Automatically opening, fortified windows
  • Mobile and immediately operational after placement on site
  • Basic model effectively protected from 7.62 rounds
  • Protected from ballistic threats and external explosions
  • Provide a 360° field of view and fighting capability
  • Can be located on the ground or on a tower

Modular Guard Towers