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Mifram Home Ballistic Shelter (HBS)

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Mifram Home Ballistic Shelter

Ballistic Shelter Against Bomb, Rocket, Mortar

Construction and installation of fortified rooms in existing apartments and homes.

The fortified room, made entirely of reinforced concrete, permanently strengthens the structure it is installed in.

During normal use, the fortified room looks exactly like one of the home’s regular rooms, it has a window, an air conditioner, telephone and more.

In an emergency, the fortified room provides effective, close at hand and immediately available protection from missiles and rockets.

In Israel, following the first Gulf War, a law was passed that required all new or extended homes and apartments to include a fortified room (as opposed to an underground shelter). This is due to the fact that early warning of a missile attack is far too short to allow for safe evacuation to a distant bomb shelter but sufficient to access a fortified room within the home. What in the past took minutes, is now possible in seconds and can be the difference between life and death!

Home Front Command has a detailed series of rules and regulations governing the construction of a fortified room. This includes the fact that the door and window of all fortified rooms must be blast and shrapnel resistant and gas proof (airtight). In addition, every fortified room must have a ventilation system and a chemical/biological filter system. It’s also possible to install air conditioners for regular and emergency use.

Explosion Proof Buildings

Mifram has a great deal of experience in the design and construction of thousands of fortified rooms that meet the strict requirements of Home Front Command. Adding a fortified room to an existing structure requires getting permits – a long and complex bureaucratic procedure that can deter many home owners. Mifram’s experts, backed up with the experience of thousands of successfully constructed and installed units, will assist you in successfully navigating the bureaucratic obstacle course.

Blast Resistant Buildings Specification Table:

Dimensions *
External length 3.60 m.
External width 3.60 m.
External area 13 SqM.
Internal length 3.00 m.
Internal width 3.00 m.
Internal area 9 SqM.
Thickness of external wall 25 cm.
Thickness of internal wall 20 cm.
Floor thickness 20 cm.
Ceiling thickness

30 cm.


Minimum dimensions as required by Home Front Command.

Each fortified room is constructed according to the actual dimensions of the room it is to be installed in.