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Autoclear 400+ X-Ray Inspection System



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The single-source, multi-energy Autoclear 400+ X-ray scanner designed to screen small to mid-sized items for weapons, explosives, drugs and other restricted items. Large enough to scan hand -carried items such as briefcases, backpacks, purses and even strollers; this compact x-ray scanner delivers best-in-class speed and detection capability while maximizing available space.


  • Rapidly delivers images of full mailbags, as well as long and tall items
  • Trim and compact design fits in elevators, narrow halls and tight spaces
  • Patented reversible conveyor belt never needs adjustment
  • Industry leading operating system allows maximum flexibility and stability

Artificial Intelligence- ‘AI-Threat Asist’ intelligence generated by algorithmic analysis of threat detection
utilizing ‘machine learning’. Autoclear’s ‘AI-Threat Asist’ significantly increases the accuracy of
identification and detection of threats in scanned parcels. A profoundly more secure and effective
method of detecting knives, guns, bombs etc. The difference between an AI X-ray scanner and a non-AI
scanner is inescapable. No longer, are just the eyes of the scanner operator determinant if a ‘threat’ has been
detected. Truly, Autoclear provides new ‘game changing’ technology to ensure scientifically accurate threat
detection. Please see screen shot below. Automatically a bright box or other structure is placed around the
threat and may be accompanied by an audio/text alert. The ‘AI-Threat Asist’ feature helps ensure that stressed

operators in a demanding environment have a new and powerful technological advantage with Autoclear ‘AI-
Threat Assist’. A ‘second set of eyes’ and more powerful are there to increase safety!


  • Schools
  • Courthouses
  • Police Stations
  • Large Offices
  • Mailrooms and Post Offices
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