Rimfire Buffalo

Action Targets Rimfire Buffalo

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Action Targets Rimfire Buffalo

Get your hunt on with the fun reactivity of the shu-mani-tu-tonka ob' wa-chi" that's Lakota for "steel target shaped like a buffalo."

Nothing says true cowboy shooting like a good buffalo hunt, and nothing makes buffalo hunting more fun than reactive steel. The Rimfire Buffalo is designed to give you back-and-forth action while reinforcing accurate shots with instant visual feedback. Two holes in the steel buffalo head plate make room for a rear swinging plate that swings from side to side when shot. Whether you’re a cowboy action shooter or you just have a thing for animal shapes, this target is guaranteed to make any day at the range more fun.

The shooting surfaces of the Rimfire Buffalo are all made of 1/4" AR500 armor steel and are designed to take years of heavy use with .22 rimfire ammunition*. The rear swinging plate is easily installed without tools, and its no weld design means a longer product life and a much smaller chance of breaking. The provided PT Practice Stand also makes the Rimfire Buffalo easily portable with a collapsible base and convenient carrying handle.

NOTE: The stand and feet are made of mild steel and are not intended to withstand the force of a bullet. Shooting the stand and feet may result in damage.


  • Weight: 42 lbs.
  • Height: 4’
  • Head plate: 20” H x 24” W
  • Reactive hit zones: 3.5” diameter
  • Base: 32” x 38”
  • Steel grade: 1/4" AR500 armor steel
  • Rimfire shooting distance: 10+ yards