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AI-Threat Assist- Artificial intelligence threat capture and encapsule with ‘machine learning’
• Linux Operating Systems- industry standard and most stable and flexible operating system
• AutoMatAlert- contraband searches
• Linux-autoSoft operating system-autoSoft
• Full-size operator control panel (OCP) with touchpad navigation
• AutoTracking guided conveyor belt system, guaranteed for life of machine
• Reversible conveyor direction
• High/low density stripping
• Organic/inorganic stripping
• Color; reverse B/W imaging
• Interactive help screens
• Reversible conveyor direction
• High-Low Density sensing
• Full size operator control panel (OCP) with touchpad
• 128x Smart Zoom
• Adjustable zoom preview window
• autoSensing
• autoDensAlert
• Dark and light enhance
• Color; reverse B/W imaging
• Real Clear
• autoOutline
• autoScale
• autoCal
• autoImage recall (10 images)
• Save screen to USB
• Patented guided conveyor belt never needs adjusting and is guaranteed for life of system.
• 2 Lighted E-Stops
• Remote/Real Time diagnostics- drastically reduces service response/repair
• Programmable operator panel- customizable to operator preference for image enhancement
• Loading entrance or exit roller beds
• Variable height OCP mount
• Tropical humidity kit
• DVD drive
• autoMatAlert
• AutoNarcAlert
• autoZ display

Artificial Intelligence- ‘AI-Threat Asist’ intelligence generated by algorithmic analysis of threat detection
utilizing ‘machine learning’. Autoclear’s ‘AI-Threat Asist’ significantly increases the accuracy of
identification and detection of threats in scanned parcels. A profoundly more secure and effective
method of detecting knives, guns, bombs etc. The difference between an AI X-ray scanner and a non-AI
scanner is inescapable. No longer, are just the eyes of the scanner operator determinant if a ‘threat’ has been
detected. Truly, Autoclear provides new ‘game changing’ technology to ensure scientifically accurate threat
detection. Please see screen shot below. Automatically a bright box or other structure is placed around the
threat and may be accompanied by an audio/text alert. The ‘AI-Threat Asist’ feature helps ensure that stressed

operators in a demanding environment have a new and powerful technological advantage with Autoclear ‘AI-
Threat Assist’. A ‘second set of eyes’ and more powerful are there to increase safety!


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Frequently asked questions

What is the role of skilled operators in the effectiveness of security X-ray machines?

Skilled operators play a crucial role in maximizing the effectiveness of security X-ray machines. Their training and competency allow for the accurate calibration of detection settings and updates, ensuring that these advanced devices can detect threats accurately.

Why is it important to regularly update and calibrate security scanners?

Regular updates and calibration of security scanners are essential to adapt to new threats and ensure the equipment's detection capabilities remain accurate. This process is vital for maintaining high safety standards and protection levels.

How do security X-ray machines enhance safety protocols?

Security X-ray machines are integral to safety protocols, providing a non-invasive method to scan and identify prohibited items in bags, packages, or cargo. By detecting weapons, explosives, and illicit goods, they significantly enhance security measures.

Where are security X-ray scanners commonly utilized?

Security X-ray scanners are frequently used at airports, seaports, border crossings, government buildings, correctional facilities, courts, and high-security areas. They're also found in public venues like sports arenas and educational institutions to improve safety.

What advanced features do modern security X-ray machines offer?

Modern security X-ray machines feature high-definition imaging, multi-energy detection, automated threat recognition algorithms, and the ability to differentiate inorganic materials. They may also include network connectivity and integration with broader security systems.

Can security X-ray machines detect all types of contraband?

While highly effective, the ability of security X-ray machines to detect contraband can be influenced by several factors, including the technology used, operator expertise, and how the items are concealed. Continuous updates and operator training are crucial for maintaining detection effectiveness.

How can one ensure peak performance of a security X-ray machine?

Peak performance of a security X-ray machine is ensured through regular maintenance, timely software updates, and continuous operator training on new threats and detection methods. Adhering to the manufacturer's guidelines for use and maintenance is also vital.

What measures are taken to ensure safety from radiation emitted by security X-ray machines?

The radiation emitted by security X-ray machines is minimal and regulated to ensure operator and public safety. Safety protocols, including avoiding direct exposure, especially for vulnerable groups, are strictly followed to prevent health hazards.

How do security solutions providers like Security Pro USA approach environmental safety when disposing of X-ray machines?

Security Pro USA prioritizes environmental and health safety by adhering to strict regulations and guidelines for disposing of X-ray machines. This includes mindful disposal practices and utilizing specialized recycling or disposal services to handle materials like lead and radiation sources.

What role does network connectivity play in the functionality of security X-ray machines?

Network connectivity in security X-ray machines allows for remote monitoring and analysis, enhancing the ability to respond to threats in real-time. It also facilitates the integration of these machines into comprehensive security systems.

How does ongoing operator training impact the detection capabilities of security equipment?

Ongoing operator training is essential for maintaining and enhancing the detection capabilities of security equipment. It ensures operators are knowledgeable about the latest threats and advanced detection methods, significantly impacting overall security effectiveness.

What are the benefits of integrating security X-ray machines with other security systems?

Integrating security X-ray machines with other security systems offers a holistic approach to safety and protection. It enhances situational awareness, enables coordinated responses to threats, and creates a more robust security infrastructure capable of addressing various challenges.