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    Metal Cutting Systems,Portable Exothermic Cutting Unit

    Metal Cutting Systems,Portable Exothermic Cutting Unit

    Portable Exothermic Cutting Unit MAG9000� Feather-light backpack cutter. Our tactical systems are used by the military, SWAT, local police, immigration, emergency response and disaster relief organizations. There is no lighter, faster or more powerful cutting system in the world on land, underground or underwater. Our cutting systems are portable and can easily melt through any material with its focused ten-thousand degree particle stream. Magnum is the leader in exothermic cutting. Innovation is important. Be sure to also investigate our latest floatable marine system is ideal for additional reach on land or underwater for auto extraction, forced entry, vessel contraband searches and more. What it's used for: Melting through doors, walls, or concrete bunkers Locked your keys inside the Miata? Use a slim jim. Trying to breach an armored door to bust a drug cartel? Get a MAG9000. When government, military, and police organizations need to penetrate heavily fortified areas, they pack one of these heaters. Is 10,000-degree flame will rip through just about anything. Pull the trigger and pure oxygen flows from the tank into a barrel at the cutter's business end. Add a spark and soft steel rods inside the barrel burn in the presence of the 02. (Get the party started with a battery-powered catalytic ignition system.) Once lit, the torch can slice through metal plate in a few seconds, even concrete or stone (yes, it can cut through a boulder). Bonus: You could hook a breather to the tank for an underwater getaway. Come on! Don't act like you've never found yourself in that situation. SecPRO MAG9000� Feather-light backpack cutter Weighing in at a fractional 16 pounds, this featherweight backpack cutting system can be taken almost anywhere to cut almost any material in seconds. Consider the possibilities of thirty minutes of continuous cutting to melt through ferrous and nonferrous materials in seconds. The system uses safe consumables that can only burn using pressurized oxygen driven through their center once ignition has taken place. Our unwrapped flame cutting tubes come in both 18" and 36" lengths for cutting, gouging or piercing in any position. Tubes can be easily bent for access to difficult cutting areas often minimizing dismantling time. The longer flame tubes are a favorite among heavy equipment personnel for piercing and removing pins. With no preheating, the focused particle stream can burn through rust, scale, paint, slag and even limited layers of concrete. Precise flame control We are proud to announce our new tactical battery ignition system neatly fitted into a 30 caliber ammo can or a larger 60 caliber ammo can with larger battery. Both are wired the same. The heavy gauge metal case ensures reliability in the toughest field conditions. Notice the waterproof battery fuel gauge on the side and the red and black cam lock plug adapters on the front. It works underwater! The ignition system was built to be sturdy, powerful and dependable. It is an excellent accompaniment to our tactical backpack system and our land cutting torch systems. Optional jumper cables allow starting of trucks, jeeps and equipment. A float charger easily plugs into a side adapter for continuous battery maintenance. This dual purpose battery pack was designed for rugged field settings. Ships in one box UPS or on pallets for larger shipments around the globe. Picture shown at bottom of page is packed with an additional reserve oxygen cylinder. The system is completely operational once the cylinder is filled. The popular valve ensures rapid filling at the majority of filling stations around the globe. Ships with the following: * 3000 psi composite oxygen cylinder. * Popular CGA540 cylinder valve size. * Preset 150 psi oxygen regulator. * Cutting torch with thumb valve. * Oxygen hose with quick disconnect. * Alice backpack with cylinder straps. * Deluxe 12 volt ignition system. * Fifty flame cutting tubes. * Flame tube torch head extender. * Additional reserve collets. * Gloves and shade 5 glasses. * Pelican heavy duty carry case. * Instructional CD. * Universal float charger with adapter. Weight: Approximately 100 lbs.
    Things It Can CutAdditional MediaPortable Exothermic Cutting UnitPortable Exothermic Cutting Unit$5,200.00 Retail Price: Portable Exothermic Cutting Unit