Walk-through UVC Disinfection Gate
Walk-through UVC Disinfection Gate
Walk-through UVC Disinfection Gate

Walk-through UVC Disinfection Gate

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Photocatalytic virus sterilization (UVC
Unmanned Automatic 3s Quarantine System with temperature readout station : Can be customized with corporate colors and logo. Made in Korea


Feature of the photocatalytic sterilizer

  • When titanium dioxide is exposed to ultra violet light, electrons are formed and very strong oxidation forces are produced.

  • Hydroxy(-OH) and superoxides(-O2) are created and oxidizes the organic compounds in an instant. 

  • Pollutants, germs and viruses in the air are organic compounds, so they oxidize and decompose organic compounds in the strong reaction of photo catalyst sterilizer.

  • Instantly kill up to 99.99% of viruses and germs.

  • UV-C /UV-D does not touch the human body directly.

  • UV-C /UV-D acts as a catalyst for the oxidation of titanium dioxide in the photocatalyst module, so UV does no harm to the human body.

  • It's a state-of-the-art technology that's harmless to the human body.

  • Air purification through photocatalyst sterilization at all times while power is being supplied. 

  • 3 second exposure 

Photocatalytic Sterilization technology

  1. High functional anti-bacterial filter

  2. Natural germ killing  catalyst

  3. 3 Fans

  4. 3 Photocatalytic device

  5. 2 Sensor

  6. 1 External power supply

  7. Temperature Readout Station