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USNV 001488 Visible Green Laser Rifle Kit


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Visible Green Laser Rifle Kit

Uni-Max Green Visible Laser Kit for Rifles, Shotguns & Pistols

Versatile: Uni-Max Green pulsating laser fits on virtually any Picatinny rail from pistols to rifles to shotguns. Its tested durability, low profile and lightweight design makes this laser the better option over some cheaper and bulkier designs available.

Easily installed: The Momentary Activation Switch(MAS) gives you the option of putting activation at your fingertips without taking your hand off your rifle to reach forward for manual activation. The straight cord feature will not stretch, unwind, or dangle like the coil cords.

Streamlined: The MantaRail Momentary Cord Control System solves that persistent issue of cords falling off the rifle because the adhesive got wet or old and lost its adhesion. The MantaRail completely houses the pressure pad of the MAS and securely clamps to the rail eliminating the need to reapply velcro, tape, or even messy glues.

Clips keep cords in place: MantaClips (three provided) grab onto any extra cord that's dangling or protruding and simply tucks it up close to the rail and clips it in place - and out of the way!

Includes: MantaRail momentary switch control system, MantaClips system, Momentary switch and Uni-Max Green rail mounted laser

Weight: 1.0 oz

Wavelength: 532 nm (Green)

Power output: 5 mW

Battery: Lithium 1/3N

Battery Life: 1 hour

Adjustment: User-adjustable for windage and elevation