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ESAPI Non-Ballistic Training Chest Plate

Team Wendy 91-C1 ESAPI Non-Ballistic Training Plate


Team Wendy

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ESAPI Non-Ballistic Training Chest Plate Pair

Team Wendys Non-Ballistic Training Plates allow you to train like you fight without risk to life-saving ballistic body armor. The training plates are made from virtually indestructible, density-modifiable, cross-linked polyurethane that will not crack or break when hit, dropped or impacted. Designed to replicate the weight, shape, curvature and thickness of actual ballistic plates, they are stiff enough to hold their shape, yet flexible enough to easily insert into any carrier. The chest plates measure 8.75” x 11.75,” weigh 5 lbs, and have a multi-curve shape. Chest plates come in pairs of two.