Team Wendy - Oblong Helmet Pad

Team Wendy 01-O6 ZORBIUM Action Pad (ZAP) Oblong Pad 3/4" (US ONLY)


Team Wendy

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NSN Helmet Zorbium Action Pad - Oblong Pad 3/4"

Team Wendy Zorbium Action Pad 

ZAP Oblong Pad 3/4 Inch Helmet Liner System 

The ¾-inch Oblong Pad is a component of the Team Wendy ZAP SOF System, as well as the ZAP NSN System, the standard pad system for all ground combat helmets. Includes one (1) Oblong Pad, compatible with the ¾-inch ZAP NSN or SOF System.

*If your helmet does not have Velcro® inside, you will need to order the Velco Coin Kit