Taser C2 Cartridges
TASER C2 Air Cartridges

Taser C2 Air Cartridges 2-pk (15 Ft)



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Taser C2 Air Cartridges 2-Pk

Taser C2 Cartridges for Taser Plus & Taser Bolt

Shop Safest and most effective weapons cartridges, This two pack of cartridges is a perfect companion to Taser Bolt, Taser Pulse and Taser C2.

Taser C2 Air Cartridge has 0-15' Range perfect Replacement Firing Cartridges for the Taser Bolt, Taser Pulse and Taser C2

Taser C2 Air Cartridges 2-PK Specification:

Model: C2
Product Type: Air Cartridge
Units per Box: 2/Pack
Description: 0-15' Range