Sellstrom Supervisor Series Welding Curtains - Sellstrom
Sellstrom Supervisor Series Welding Curtains - Sellstrom
Sellstrom Supervisor Series Welding Curtains - Sellstrom

Sellstrom Supervisor Series Welding Curtains

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Supervisor Series Welding Curtains

Welding Curtains and Frames

  • Welding curtains are designed for use in workplaces where bystanders must be protected against hazardous Infrared and Ultra Violet radiation emitted during welding operations
  • Provides protection against dangerous Blue Light and Ultra Violet rays
  • In cases of prolonged exposure these rays can cause actinic conjunctivitis and potentially cataracts
  • Creates a customized space designed specifically for welding operations
  • Helps keep increased temperature and fumes confined to certain areas

Sellstrom Supervisor Series Welding Curtains Features:

  • Sellstrom Supervisor Series welding curtains are specially designed to provide a safer environment for welding supervisor, co-workers and bystanders
  • Made from top grade heavy duty transparent vinyl materials which ensures bystanders and supervisors a good overall view of the work area and welder from the outside looking in
  • Transparent curtains also allow the welder to see their outside surroundings, improving safety and preventing welders from feeling isolated
  • Made with special flame-retardant materials, these curtains may be used around arc, plasma, gas or other high amperage welding equipment
  • Resistant to tearing, cracking, fire, water and mildew
  • Brass grommets on 12” centers and at corners for strength and longer life
  • Curtains supplied with heavy duty self-locking metal hooks
  • Curtains feature durable nylon thread and double stitching on all sides ensuring a secure, long lasting hem
  • Curtains provide a versatile, quick and economical curtain solution
  • Curtains meet CPA 1-8 and California Fire Marshall’s requirements for flame resistance

Sellstrom Supervisor Series Welding Curtains Specification:

Prod. No. Size Color
S97305-1 5'H x 5'W Transparent orange
S97305-3 5'H x 5'W Transparent green
S97306-1 5'H x 6'W Transparent orange
S97306-3 5'H x 6'W Transparent green
S97309-3 6'H x 4'W Transparent green
S97310-1 6'H x 6'W Transparent orange
S97310-3 6'H x 6'W Transparent green