PeakPro Plus Series - Fall Protection

Sellstrom PeakPro Plus Series Harnesses

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PeakPro Plus Series - Fall Protection

The PeakWorks PeakPro Plus harness is a class APE full body harness that provides premium comfort and increased durability.  All hardware components are made from high grade anodized aluminum for superior corrosion resistance and reduced weight.  Integrated trauma straps and special "peekaboo" webbing makes the PeakPro Plus harness a safe and practical choice when working at heights.

The PeakWorks PeakPro Plus harness is a class APE full body harness that provides increased durability and premium comfort. All hardware components are made from high-grade anodized aluminum for corrosion resistance, reduced weight, and improved longevity. Special “peekaboo” webbing is designed to aid in the inspection of the harness. In case of damage or excessive wear, the webbing shows red indicating that the harness should be removed from service. Trauma straps are integrated into the harness and allow a standing position and improved circulation in the legs before rescue. In addition, each harness is fitted with upgraded shoulder and leg pads as well as a comfortable belt.

PeakWorks equipment has been designed for use with PeakWorks approved components or subsystems (full body harnesses, lifelines, rope grabs, connectors, self-retracting lifelines, etc.) or as recommended by a qualified person.

PeakWorks offers four series of harnesses: Compliance, Contractor, and PeakPro, and PeakPro Plus.

  • Certified to both ANSI Z359.11 and CSA Z259.10 standards
  • Meet or exceed all applicable OSHA standards
  • 130 to 310-lb (60 to 141-kg) capacity (combined weight of person, tools, clothing, etc.)
  • Sub-pelvic strap for added safety and support
  • Fall indicator for easier inspection before use
  • Polyester webbing

PeakPro Plus Series Features:

  • Class APE and certified to both ANSI Z359.11 and CSA Z259.10
  • Integrated trauma straps allow standing position and improved leg circulation before rescue
  • Specially designed webbing shows red indicator in case of damage or wear
  • Aluminum hardware provides ultimate corrosion resistane, reduced weight, and increased longevity
  • Upgraded padding for preimum comfort and durability
  • Stab lock buckles for quick and easy donning and doffing
  • Complete with doral D-ring for fall arrest, hip D-rings for work positioning, and shoulder D-rings for egress

PeakPro Plus Harness With Positioning Belt 5D - Class APE Technical Specification:

 Material: Polyester “peekaboo” webbing, anodized aluminum hardware
Chest Buckles: Aluminum Stab Lock
Leg Buckles: Aluminum Stab Lock
Weight: 3 lb
Number of Workers: 1
Class: APE
Capacity: Combined weight of person, tools, clothing, etc. 130 lbs to 310 lbs (60 kg to 141 kg) as indicated by ANSI Z359.11
Operating Temperature: -35º C to +35º C