SecPro Dual-Energy X-Ray Security Inspection System

X53B Advanced Dual-Energy X-Ray Security Inspection System



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The Nuctech X53B Advanced Dual-Energy X-Ray Security Inspection System is an advanced dual-energy X-ray scanner. With it's 22.3" x 14.6" tunnel it is perfectly suited for inspection of handheld baggage, post parcels, briefcases or expresses in government offices, court, mail rooms, embassies, stadiums, exhibitions and other security sensitive areas. Using advanced technology combined with unsurpassed ergonomics, reliability and safety, it provides excellent image quality and state of the art material classification. It can also be configured to automatically detect drugs and explosive substances upon request.


  • State-of-the-art technology offers superior image quality with wire resolution of 38AWG and steel penetration up to 30mm
  • Dosage per exam is close to the natural background level which allows it to meet or surpass all published international health and safety standards
  • TIP (Threat Image Projection) provides detailed operator performance allowing security supervisors and managers to monitor and train personnel.
  • Continuous, local and stepwise zoom functions allow the device to quickly enlarge and enhance the quality of images.
  • Built-in storage allows up to 50,000 images to be stored in a variety of formats such as: BMP, JPG and PNG , and be transferred to USB;storage devices
  • Ergonomic keyboard and easy to use user interface allow for simple and efficient training and operation.
  • Modular design and construction combined with built-in diagnostic facility minimize the need for extended equipment maintenance
  • Optional configuration allows for automatic detection of narcotics and explosives.
***Please note that the; Advanced Dual-Energy X-Ray Security Inspection System is a made-to-order item and is available by quote only.***