SecPro Level IIIA Ballistic Shield with Viewport

SecPro Level IIIA Ballistic Shield with Viewport



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Ballistic Shields Level IIIA with Viewport

Our Ballistic Shields incorporate the latest materials technology and lightweight design. Developed to give unmatched protection while the unique handle design allows for comfortable ambidextrous use and mobility. It provides the tactical specialist with resistance to ballistic and fragmentation threats.

To reduce damage to the edges of the shield they are covered in a special hard wearing resistant material.

NY Tri-Grip, allows for gripping the shield in 3 different positions. Vertical, or a 45 degree left or right hold.


  • NIJ Level IIIA, Multi-Hit Capability
  • NY Tri-Grip
  • 4" x 16" Level IIIA View Port
  • Ambidextrous Horizontal Handle
  • Cushioned Arm Pad
  • Ultra-Lightweight
  • Curved Shape For Greater Rigidity & Protection
Size Weight
Standard 20.5" x 35" 13 lbs
Medium 22" x 40" 14.3 lbs
Large 24" x 51" 19.8 lbs
Grande 24" x 69" 26.4 lbs
Collapsible 30" x 71" 35.9 lbs