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Portable Walk-Through Metal Detector - Scanna Gatescan-P

Scanna Gatescan-P Walk-Through Security Metal Detector



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Walk Through Metal Detector - Scanna Gatescan-P

Portable Security Metal Detectors

Scanna Gatescan-P is a walk-through metal detector that can be can be deployed and transported to any location and setup within 5 minutes by a single operator. It has multi-zone or zone specific detection and is designed for use in demanding environments.

Gatescan-P is used with law enforcement agencies in the fight against knife crime and is ideal for sporting events, nightclubs, conferences, schools, VIP security or for any event or location requiring high discrimination metal detection combined with ease of use and total portability.

Gatescan-P is a remarkably user-friendly walkthrough metal detector that is straightforward to operate with minimal operator training required. When not in use Gatescan-P collapses into a compact, portable unit on wheels for easy transportation between sites and fits in the trunk of your RV for movement by vehicle.

Gatescan will operate for up to 40 hours on a single battery charge and can be completely recharged overnight. The unit can be charged whilst erected using the mains charger or whilst collapsed using the mains charger with y-connector. Gatescan-P is available with a protective cover which protects the unit from dust, dirt and scratches during storage and transit. Gatescan-P can be used in or outdoors making it ideal for event security and it has a weather protective cover accessory which protects the arch during rainy conditions.

Scanna Gatescan-P Portable Walk-Through Metal Detector Key Features

  • Head to toe, zone specific detection
  • Digital I/O, secured access control panel that has been designed for intuitive ease-of-use and has a built-in self-diagnostic function that will notify operators immediately if there is a situation requiring attention.
  • In and outdoor use (IP52) - pop up shelter available for rainy weather
  • 3 sensor zones with LEDs
  • 100 levels of adjustable sensitivity
  • Battery life of 40 hours, no reliance on mains
  • Total weight of less than 100 lbs
  • No van or roof-rack needed for moving it around
  • Inbuilt wheels and handle for ease of transit
  • No assembly tools - clips together in minutes

Walk-Through Metal Detector Scanna Gatescan-P Portable Benefits

Intelligent User Friendly Control Panel with Programmable Memory

  • Keypad with security access control (lock out).
  • LED bar graph for target strength.
  • LCD for keypad interaction.
  • Adjustable volume control.
  • Memory feature for location specific user settings.
  • Self test/automatic calibration at switch on.
  • Last setting memory & audio indicator when switched off.
  • Transit counter

Split Cognitive in Form and Function

Specialised design allows operator to monitor surrounding areas.

Effective Head to Toe, Zone Specific Detection

3 sensor zones with LEDs.

100 Levels of Adjustable Sensitivity

Designed to meet your level of need.

Designed for use in Demanding Environments

Suitable for indoor or outdoor use (in dry conditions). Made of ABS polycarbonate alloy - for high impact strength and durability. Battery operated (includes AC adapter & recharge kit) Capable of 40 Hour battery life (overnight recharge required). Multiple units may work within close proximity to one another without conflict. Designed to meet regulatory standards: FAA, NILECJ- 0601.00. Designed for EMC compliance (CE) .


Gatescan-P is designed for portability, measuring only 93cms x 58cms x 66cms when collapsed, enabling easy storage and transportation. Additionally built in wheels enable swift manoeuvrability. 

Security Metal Detectors Standard System Configuration

  • Gatescan-P comprising 3 transmitter panels, 3 receiver panels, crosspiece, 2 battery base
  • Mains Cable
  • Webbing Straps
  • Operating Manual
  • 12 month back to base exchange warranty

Walk Through Metal Detector Technical Specifications


Power Supply: 100V +/- 15% and 220V +/- 15% 50/60 hz

Battery Life: 40 hours

Size and Weight

Portable Dimensions: H: 36.5 x W: 23 x 26"

Assembled: H (internal) 82" x W (internal) 30 x D 34"

H (external) 88 x W (external) 46 x D 34"

Weight: 90 lbs

Dynamic Single Person Portability - Weighs approximately 90 Ibs (40 Kgs) assemble/disassemble in only 5 minutes, single person setup, inbuilt wheels and handle for ease of transit.

Walk Through Safety and Emissions

Magnetic media: Will not damage magnetic tape, computer disks, CDs DVDs, video tape, ID cards, Credit Cards, SD Cards

Standards: Gatescan is designed to meet regulatory standards: FAA, NILECJ-0601.00.

EMC: Designed for EMC compliance (CE)


Temperature: -20 - + 70 C

Max Humidity: 95%

IP Rating: IP52

UV Resistant

***Please note that Security Metal Detectors are made to order items and cannot be purchased online ***