Telescoping Vehicle Inspection Mirror

Salient SSP-527 Telescoping Vehicle Inspection Mirror


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Telescoping Vehicle Inspection Mirror - SSP-527

Vehicle Inspection mirror with telescoping pole for more reach hard to see area.

The Series SSP-527 is our economical lightweight telescoping pole with or without wheels for under vehicle searching.

Most commonly purchased mirror is a SSP-527-8RCB. This model would be a unit with 8” Round Convex Mirror attached to the lightweight telescoping pole. Affordable unit with ease of use.


  • Extends to approximately 58”, collapsed 27″ .
  • Complete with detachable 8″ round convex acrylic mirror.
  • Optional flashlight clip for D cell flashlights.
  • Optional 8” flat or 12” flat or convex acrylic mirror.
  • Multi angle mirror & permanent tension arm allows flexible mirror adjustment.
  • Optional 4 Multi directional caster provide low clearance 2 1/2″ for easy access under vehicles. We recommend casters for our 12” lens unit.
  • Mirror lens is replaceable and interchangeable.
  • Lightweight approximately 2.5 lbs


  • Under vehicle inspections of trucks or vans.
  • Ideal for corrections, tactical / ERU, embassies.