Salient SSP-50 Bendable Pocket Inspection Mirror

Salient SSP-50 Bendable Pocket Inspection Mirror


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Handheld Investigation Mirrors -  SSP-50

Convex Security Mirror for security and inspection at airport security, embassies, and other secure places.

The SSP-50 is a bendable pocket inspection mirror. This model utilizes a 4” round convex mirror. A unique mirror with lots of flexibility, the SSP50 is a great mirror for those hard to reach places.

Handheld security mirrors are well-suited for airport security, embassies, military police, and other security and inspection operations where compact, easily portable inspection mirrors are needed. Salient handheld inspection mirrors feature sturdy fiberglass construction, collapsible poles, light systems, and flashlight clips to accommodate typical law enforcement flashlights. Customizable options include multiple sizes of convex or flat mirrors, hooks, and wheel attachments on some models.


  • Extends to approx. 17” compacts to 7”.
  • Complete with 4” round convex or 4” round flat acrylic mirror.
  • Mirror lens is replaceable and interchangeable.
  • Lightweight approximately .5 lbs


  • Intended for use in small areas.
  • Easy to carry.