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Explosive Searching Mirror Kit

Salient Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Mirror Kit


Hawk Gear

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EOD Mirror Kit

EOD search mirrors kit for search and investigate explosive bomb and other hazardous devices in emergency situation.

The Hawk Gear EOD MIrror kit is a highly adaptable inspection mirror kit designed to meet the needs of bomb squads and military EOD units. The standard kit features 5 sizes of acrylic mirrors and a bendable 26” extendible and bendable pole. Additional modifications of the pole are possible to meet special needs. Lights are powered by AAA alkaline batteries, easily sourced in most countries.

Explosive Searching Mirror Features :- 

  • Build with Tough Salient’s fiberglass poles and frames significantly reduce electrical conductivity hazards and provide superior durability compared to light aluminum alternatives. Collets and fittings are tight and solidly built for years of reliable use.
  •  Mirrors come in a variety of sizes with both convex and flat lenses. Mix and match mirrors to find the optimum solution for the situation or for ongoing security or inspection needs. Mirrors are replaceable for extended service life.
  • Reliable US Manufacturing with over 30 years of effective use in the field, Salient mirrors are the original security and surveillance mirrors. Rugged American design and manufacturing makes the Salient brand a solid choice for reliability.

EOD Mirror Specifications:- 

6 piece Kit with Carrying Case:

  • Bendable, non-conducting fiberglass arm extends to 26”
  • Cluster LED light array
  • Quick connect coupler for quick and easy mirror change
  • Acrylic mirrors – 5 standard sizes:
    • 2.5” x 3.5”
    • 4.5” x 2.5”
    • 2” round flat mirror
    • 5” x 5”
    • 5” round convex mirror – flat round mirror may be substituted
  • 8 AAA alkaline or NiMh batteries