Rapid Assault Tools XIM46L Xtend-A-View Vehicle Inspection

Rapid Assault Tools Xtend-A-View Vehicle Inspection Mirror


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Inspection Mirror - XTEND-A-VIEW

Vehicle Inspection Mirror with Light 

  • Vehicle inspection is maximized with this unique inspection mirror
  • 8″ convex glass mirror is fastened to a three wheel dolly that makes full range of motion a breeze
  • The mirror is easily adjusted to the desired angle and the extendable handle can be articulated to meet the most demanding search

Vehicle Inspection Mirror Features

  • Lightweight search mirror has an 8-inch convex mirror that easily articulates on the tri-wheeled base. Tri-wheel base is excellent for a full range of motion unlike conventional mirrors with 2-wheel back and forth motion.
  • Telescoping shaft is 24-inches in the closed position and extends to 46-inches in the fully open position giving you a long reach.
  • Posi-lock adjustment (A) allows shaft angle to be adjusted as needed.
  • Shaft removes easily from handle assembly (B) making the mirror available for hand use.
  • Optional LED light fastened to mirror gives direct light on inspection area which is far superior to shaft mounted lights.

XIM46L— includes light