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Rapid Assault Tools Uk Moe Ratbar Prybar
Rapid Assault Tools Uk Moe Ratbar Prybar - Security Pro USA

Rapid Assault Tools Uk Moe Ratbar Prybar


Rapid Assault Tools

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This multipurpose UK MOE bar has proven itself to be a invaluable tool in the world of forced entries. One end of the tool has a spark-free, Halligan style pry end. This high strength casting also includes bull nose tapered shaft for quickly and easily defeating padlocks. The non-conductive composite shaft has high grip rubber grip along full length of shaft. This gives the user excellent control and cushioned grip during use. One opposite end is a break and rake head.

The breaking tip is constructed of heat treated tool steel for excellent glass penetration and long tool life. The square body allows user to quickly rake our remaining glass shards.

PB24-S-UKMOE — 24” Pry Bar (8 lbs)
PB30-S-UKMOE — 30” Pry Bar (9 lbs)