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Rapid Assault Tools TL10-W Assault Ramp Tactical Ladders

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Two Man Assault Ramp

The Little Giant two man telescoping Assault Ramp makes vehicle entry easier.

  • Telescopes from 6′ to 10′
  • Rock Lock Technology
  • Made of aircraft grade tubular aluminum
  • 6′ 4″- 10′ 3″ Extension height
  • 50.5″ Width
  • 4″ Deep
  • 42 lbs
  • Tactical black

The Assault Ramp has been specifically engineered for tubular assaults, which involve linear targets like buses, rail cars, small planes and mobile housing units. In addition, the Assault Ramp allows multiple operators to climb over fences, walls, or other obstacles with added speed. It is a versatile, lightweight and quality tactical ladder.

  • Lightweight, aerospace-grade aluminum alloy with black anodized armor for a subdued, non-reflective finish
  • Quick-release Rock Locks make it easy to extend and deploy quickly, allowing tactical teams to rush targets faster with more weapons on target
  • Extends from its 6.5-foot storage height in 1-foot increments to a maximum height of 10.5 feet, and features 4-foot wide rungs, allowing two operators to ascend simultaneously 

Assault Ramp
Catalog Number: TL-10-W
Weight 42 lbs