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Rapid Assault Tools RP20-SHIELD First Responders Entry Kits


Rapid Assault Tools

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Entry Kits - RP20-SHIELD

Law Enforcement Entry Kits, Military and Security Entry Kits, Hydraulic Breaching Kit for SWAT Teams, Military and Rescue Teams

Industry’s first combination entry kit and ballistic shield. Custom backpack contains three 20" entry tools and foldable NIJ Level 3A Ballistic Shield. USA made, heavy duty Cordura, ergonomically designed backpack allows for quick removal of the RatBar, 6# RatSledge and RatCutter. The pack also carries the Minuteman II Ballistic Shield with level NIJ 3A protection. Operator pulls side flaps open and the shield slides out of the side of the pack.

Shield is 19”x34” extended
Weight 35 lbs.
** Level 3 available at added cost

RP20-SHIELD Law Enforcement Entry Kits

Item Part # Weight
RatBar PB20-S 4 lbs.
RatSledge SH20-6 6 lbs.
RatCutter BC20 5 lbs.
Minuteman II Ballistic Shield 23 lbs.
Custom Backpack 3 lbs.