Rapid Assault Tools PBX30 30 inch X-Ratbar - Rapid Assault Tools

Rapid Assault Tools PBX30 30 inch X-Ratbar

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Special Ops RatBar

30 inch Tactical RatBar

Extremely light, portable and rugged telescoping prybar. This special operations tool is the perfect solution for many real world scenarios. It provides versatility and power yet is compact and light enough to be easily carried or stowed. The perfect balance between form and function. The tool includes an forged steel halligan pry end secured to a telescoping shaft. The thin adze end is perfect to pry open doors, windows, gates, etc. The telescoping shaft is constructed from high strength aluminum alloy. It extends from a compact 19” to 29” for maximum leverage. The proven push button design locks the shaft in the open and closed position allowing the tool to be used open or closed. Tool length: 19” closed - 29” open Weight: 6.0 lbs.