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Rapid Assault Tools HDS4-P Ferretool With Pump Hydraulic Entry Tools


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Hydraulic Entry Tool - HDS4-P | Ferretool With Pump Hydraulic Entry Tools

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Great tool for quickly and quietly opening inward swinging doors. Manufactured from high strength heat treated steel, the Ferret Tool takes on wood and steel frame doors. With just a few pumps from the 8,000 psi hydraulic pump the lockset and deadbolt are fully defeated.

Compact and easy to use, the DS4 provides 4” of quiet and reliable force. Welded strike plate on back of tool allows operator to set the tool deeply into door gap. The hydraulic pump includes a spring return handle and can be used by hand or foot. 6’ hose allows the user to be away from the doorway and use both hands during operation.

Military Breaching Equipment Specifications:


Spreading force: 4 Tons
Stroke: 4”
Pump: Working pressure 8,000 psi Oil Petroleum based
Kit: Total weight 19 lbs

HDS4-P (Old Part # DS4-P)