Pre Saturated Cleaning Patches, Per 100

Pre Saturated Cleaning Patches, Per 100

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Thompson Center Pre-saturated Cleaning Patches combine the cleaning power of a strong firearm solvent with the absorbent and gentle cotton of their cleaning patches. These potent cleaning tools have been soaked in the Thompson Center No. 13 Bore Cleaner, an all-natural, non-toxic bore cleaning solution that won't damage the finish or integrity of your firearm but is highly effective at clearing out residue and build-up.


- Pre-saturated cleaning patches from Thompson Center
- Soaked with No 13 Bore Cleaner prior to packaging, allowing you to skip adding your own solvent
- Offset or double patch to clean larger or smaller guns
- Patches made from gentle and absorbent 100% cotton


- Caliber: .45 to .58, adjust patches to suit other calibers
- Diameter: 2 1/2
- Material: 100% cotton
- Quantity: 100