Petzl RAD LINE 6 mm Ropes

Petzl Rad Line 6 Mm Ropes


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  • Ultra-light: only 22 grams per meter
  • Specific sheath construction:
    - compatible with the TIBLOC and MICRO TRAXION ascenders, thanks to the special Dyneema and aramid-reinforced sheath
    - rough-textured sheath for better handling and descent control when rappelling, and to aid in braking when arresting a crevasse fall
  • Hyperstatic: cord elongation of less than 2 %, to facilitate and improve efficiency of rescue maneuvers, and also to eliminate the yo-yo effect during rappels or fall arrest in a crevasse

    NB : a precise description of the possible uses for this cord is found in the RAD SYSTEM Product Experience (available at


  • Diameter: 6 mm
  • Weight per meter: 22 g
  • Material(s): polyester, Dyneema, aramid
  • Certification(s): CE EN 564
  • Static elongation: less than 2 %